for Office Monitor and Screen Workplac in the Officebuilding

I’m sure you’ll be interested in that about us: 

What does a common statement on the Internet “We about us” say? I would like to use this opportunity to draw your attention to the really important points for our future customers. What is really behind it? How long does the provider exist? For what reasons should you decide on a future-oriented partner? Are the products mature ? Which guarantees are given ? Do I have a contact person at any time if it “jams”? etc.

For many decades we have been committed to a future-oriented office furnishing from floor to ceiling and have furnished many call centres, offices or open-plan offices of industry, medium-sized companies and small businesses in the best possible and absolutely satisfactory way. In the field of heat and glare protection ( mobile Office antiglare or Multirollo® ) there was not in the market what we imagined. The answer: Our Roller Blinds MULTIROLLO® as well as the mobile Office antiglare for our English speaking prospective customers, because in the office world-wide the same personal glare protection problems exist as in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

It was practically impossible to set up an office that was bright with daylight and really glare-free from the sun, if at the same time the free and clear view of the outside should not suffer and all EU directives should really be observed. And at affordable prices? In addition, the good heat and glare protection with the window design to an affordable and reasonable sound insulation? Many a supplier still has a hard time with this today. The EU directives say: Sun protection – glare protection and a clear view of the outside ! The personal protection mobile antiglare is used on the table or in Windows. Where it is needed.

I gave up my leading position in Duesseldorf with the large Duesseldorf enterprise with an annual conversion of 150 millions and concerned myself since company establishment 1994 with sun protection and glare protection in the office and a singular foil rollo as sun and glare protection with heat protection as well as sound protection with free and clear view into the free one after the valid, newest guidelines for screen workstation regulations for screen workstations at the screen, for the administration as well as the production with Office antiglare (standing rollo – glare sun protection) glare protection with view: office antiglare mobil and  sunscreen for privat

The result: MULTIROLLO® for every requirement!

Together with our suppliers known since 1994 as well as with manufacturers, we handle large orders including long warranties. We developed the mobile Office antiglare especially for glare protection with view.

In addition the selling, very well combinable, of switchable Sichtschutz foil came very successfully and absolutely singularly selectable also and/or with control over AAA batteries. Future-oriented increasingly the employment of the switchable foil is used in connection with sun protection and glare protection as well as as Smartfolie for Beamer advertisement (rear projection in HD) inside and outwardly.

Especially in the field of smartable film (switchable film and switchable glass), some people are now “cavorting” from their homes and a basement without meaningful guarantees goods from all over the world “countries” switchable film and offer only a mobile phone number, which if you are lucky, are not reachable.  You will find promising addresses and elaborate, high-sounding addresses and Internet pages in the “Distributors” section of the Internet.

Since 1994 we, Hildegard M.Stock, Karl Udo Stock, as well as the juniors Andreas Stock, Michael Stock and Mrs. Hagemann are always available for sales and assembly. Consulting that is worthwhile…

Long-standing customers such as Bayer, Siemens, DHL in Bonn, BKS Velbert, Tyssen in Essen, the University of Düsseldorf, Wuppertal and Braunschweig as well as Berlin where occupational physicians decide. Melitta in Minden, Deutsche Börse in Düsseldorf or EDE in Wuppertal as well as BKS in Velbert confirm the absolute satisfaction with the hint that something better than the MULTIROLLO® could not happen to us!

I promise that one of them will always be available for you and is neither in a conversation with a customer nor waiting on the phone for a long time, or everyone is sitting in a meeting or having lunch. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. we are happy to work daily for a good consultation that is certainly worth it for you.

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