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The Multirollo® standing roller blind in the office can be heard or archived against glare and as spit protection in the office building between the monitor employment contracts in about 1 minute.

Multirollo® standing roller blind in three different versions:

Multirollo® 1: from € 138
Multirollo® 2: from € 138
Multirollo® 3: from € 99

1.) Anti-glare system with see-through and privacy / spit protection
2.) Antibacterial substance as privacy and glare protection
3.) Extra clear with a view as a pure anti-slip roller blind

The Multirollo® standing roller blind is safe for use in the office in the office building between workers on the table between monitor / screen as well as between working conditions up to 2 m high or in the window or in front of the window on the floor.

The anti-glare roller blind and the spit protection roller blind largely prevented direct contact with the employee and thus against the office infection in order to include the administration of the office. Healthy work on the monitor is increasingly heard about lost work.

The protective roller blind in three versions is the freedom of the corona giant cheaper and has not been lost to help here with the monitor protection.

The monitor protection roller blind is only available for a few days. We have had sun protection and glare protection in the office building since 1994: —————

Anti-glare roller blinds as protective roller blinds against office infection as a mobile hygiene roller blind in 3 versions: Mobile anti-glare protection. Clear office – spit protection: antibacterial roller blinds variable and mobile in or at the window or workplace: the mobile PC screen spit protection roller blind as sun protection + glare protection and office spit protection + as a partition to the opposite in the office. The mobile universal roller blind – spit protection in the office with personal privacy protection against viruses and bacteria as well as other office infections in e.g. an opposite workstation – universal protection as mobile glare protection / spit protection / privacy protection in the width of approx. 85 cm. You determine the height for this spit protection in the office with glare protection and privacy protection and against the corona virus in the office up to 160 cm. Approx. You need 1 minute to set up the universal anti-glare roller blind / protective roller blind supplied with black bag as an antibacterial roller blind at your own place. Protect yourself with the antibacterial roller blind as a spit protection, sneeze protection and cough protection in your office space. FROM 116, – € + 19% VAT. free House